Ceólta 'Dancing Fire'


Ceólta 'Dancing Fire'


Here at last is the new album. We are delighted with how it sounds and we hope you enjoy it too!

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Thank you for buying this Ceólta CD!  We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it!

Ceólta is a group of three musicians based in Ulster.

Paul is from Portadown in the fine County of Armagh, the place everyone sings about.  Paul sings too, and he plays the uilleann pipes and whistles into the bargain! Paul has previously won 6 all-Ireland fleadh titles, but he doesn’t boast about it, ever.

Ciarán is from the Glens of Antrim, another place everyone sings about.  Ciarán sings too, and he plays the fiddle, viola and sometimes even a mandolin and ukulele, but obviously not at the same time; that would be impossible.  Despite popular misconceptions, Ciarán has never won an all-Ireland fleadh title, but he’s come close, oh so close.

Mark is from Tarbert in Scotland, by the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, another place people sing about.  Mark sings too, in fact he’s a very good singer, at least that’s what we tell him.  Mark now lives in Tyrone, near Ballygawley.  Mark plays, (takes a breath) flute, whistles, uilleann pipes, border pipes, highland pipes, guitar, bouzouki, and even the banjo on occasion. Phew! that’s a lot of talent.  Mark has won many awards as a piper in Scotland and has previously been a recipient of the Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections.

Ceólta derives from two words in irish:  Ceol, which means music, and ólta, which means drunk.  So we’re literally drunk with music!  Well, we like the name anyway.

Track 1: The Highland Lassie Set

Track 2: The Crow in the Cradle

Track 3: The Road Set

Track 4: Johnny O’ Braidislee

Track 5: Bonnie Light Horseman

Track 6: Hairy Mollie Set

Track 7: Sweet Moorlough Shore

Track 8: Lord Franklin

Track 9: Milking the Pear Drop

Track 10: Courting is a Pleasure

Track 11: The Cummings Set

Track 12: Dancing Fire Queen